Oct 21st 2019

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Terry's tales from Willowbrook Manor

Writing from the Red Rock Country ~          
Greetings from Kanab, Utah!

My parents used to live just four miles from Willowbrook, but they decided to find a sunnier location for their retirement years so they moved to Kanab, Utah.  It makes for a fun little vacation to visit them! The red-rock desert has its own form of majestic beauty though it stands in stark contrast to our world of ever-green.  The picture above is from our trip to 'Hidden Lake,' where a spring forms a pool in the cave-like hollow of the rock.  You can feel the temperature drop as you walk into it.  

My dad loves to roam the countless miles of trails that surround Kanab. 'Griselda' is the name given to the 4-seater 4x4 that my folks load up with picnic lunch and Penny, their Australian shepherd and head out to enchanting places with descriptive names like Peek-a boo, White Pocket and Inchworm. I am learning not to worry about my elderly parents tootling around in the wilds of the Utah desert.  They love it!  My father, philosopher that he is, finds lessons in the sandstone and speaks of its formation and erosion and the beauty of it all.  I appreciate the history lesson he gives to kids and grandkids when visiting the dinosaur tracks where huge dinosaur footprints are preserved in sandstone. There are Indian paintings on the cliff beneath.  My oldest son says the best 'church' he ever had was there with his grandpa.  

My mom is the 'behind the scenes' wonder who take fabulous care of my dad.  She makes the best food ever, always accompanied with Pepsi and fresh-squeezed lime.  Many of you know Liz Adair, and what a great writer she is.  Her latest 'Spider Latham' murder mysteries are set here in Kanab.  My mom taught me to always see the good in people. Always.  She has a way of finding the positive even in the toughest circumstances and that comes through in her writing.  She also is really good at weaving the personalities of the people she knows into the characters of her books. (I have seen my own idiosyncrasies appear in print a few times).  You can find more about the captivating way she writes on the link below.  
Read Liz Adair - Writing the Red Rock Country

Sun Cottage In Kanab ~

Staying with my folks is always a treat!  They rent out the spacious and comfortable studio apartment behind their house to vacationers coming to see the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and Lake Powell.  Kanab is at the crossroads of these three amazing travel destinations and Mom and Dad get to host overnight guests from all around the world.  
My mom bakes the best home-made bread! (where do you think I learned how to do it?) It is one of the perks of staying at Sun Cottage. Guests who stay here comment on the 5-star hospitality, great accommodations, and the yummy bread.   If your travels take you to Southern Utah, look up my folks!
Visit Sun Cottage

An Intimate Dinner and Concert Experience at Willowbrook ~

I am so excited for November's Dinner Concert featuring classical guitarist Richard Rorex! He has been playing professionally for decades, and what I think is SO cool is that he opened for the Impressions and the Kingston Trio! I listened to them on vinyl growing up. This dinner concert event on November 16th is limited to 24 guests so make your reservations now. For a sneak listen to the beautiful music Rich Rorex creates click here.
Get tickets to November's Dinner Concert with Rich Rorex

Thank you for coming to Harvest Tea!

I so enjoyed all of you who came for Harvest Tea! I especially loved the multi-generation family and friend groups who sat at tables in my home to enjoy tea time together. I relished grandmothers with adorable granddaughters, granddaughters with grandfathers, teachers and teacher's aids from my kids' schools coming with parents and friends, birthday girls, date-time for couples, moms and daughters and just simple 'girl-time'. One of this summer's 'glampers' came back in a lovely tea dress with her best friend. Frieda and Laura, who have attended every Tea Willowbrook has had since opening, brought a friend, and even my college roommate came with her lovely daughter!  I look back at the pictures of all of you and it warms my heart. Thank you for coming to tea!

Zita said I could use the picture of her and friends at Harvest Tea.  Such lovely people spending a lovely time together. Thank you ladies for letting me share the ambiance of the day with my readers. 


Holiday Events at Willowbrook~

I know we haven't even had Halloween yet, and here I am talking about the Holidays!  It is a busy time of year and has a habit of sneaking up on us, so make your reservations early.  You wont want to miss the holiday magic at Willowbrook! 

Holiday Tea runs the first two Fridays and Saturdays in December.
Reserve your table for Holiday Tea
Mom and Me and Gingerbread Tea~

I wanted to create a tea event where parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles could bring kids to Willowbrook and enjoy creating something together. Mom and Me and Gingerbread Tea is a new Holiday tradition tailor-made for your family and debuts December 3rd and10th.  At an elegant table you will roll out cookie dough and cut your own gingerbread cookies. While they bake, a gingerbread man comes to life as you frost and decorate him. The best part is eating gingerbread together with a pot of Christmas Tea! The festive ambiance of the Manor and lighted gardens create a magical experience that all will enjoy.
Reserve your table for Mom and Me Gingerbread Tea

Christmas Dinner Concert and Caroling~


The December dinner concert will by SO YUMMY! I will explain more about it in my next newsletter, but I just want to have you save the date of December 21st for a special Christmas dinner event including caroling and a brass trio!  Nothing make the season come alive like fabulous music!
Get Christmas Dinner Concert Tickets

Tea Around the World~

I got the idea for Tea Around the World when my mother sent me an article about tea in Turkey.  You see, she is hooked on Turkish mini series that she watches with subtitles.  Tea is part of their culture and since it is so unique, she had to share it with me. 
She loves her Turkish shows so much that she has started learning the language, so she doesn't have to rely on the subtitles.  (nothing like learning a new language at 78) 

So lets start with a few Turkish Tea facts: 

Most of the tea produced in Turkey is Rize tea which is processed as black tea

In 2004 Turkey produced 205,500 tons of tea which is 6.4% of the world's total tea production, making it one of the largest tea markets in the world! In 2004 Turkish tea drinkers surpassed the Britains in tea consumption.  

This is a "çaydanlık" I found on Amazon. It is specially designed for Turkish tea preparation. Water is brought to a boil in the larger lower kettle and then some of the water is used to fill the smaller kettle on top and steep loose tea leaves; The upper pot produces a very strong tea. When served, the remaining water is used to dilute the tea, and each person has the choice between strong or weak tea. It is sipped from small tulip shaped glasses, served with cubes of beet sugar and held by the rim so as not to burn the fingers. Because I don't own a Turkish tea glass, I found a picture of one on wikipedia.  It makes me want to try Turkish Tea. 
Thanks, Mom, for sharing a taste of Turkey with us!

If you have a tradition of tea that comes from another country please share it with us!


email your 'Tea Around the World' story
Teacup Time ~
My mom sent me home with a bit of her childhood, and the story that goes with it is the perfect way to finish off this newsletter.    
This is a portion of the tea set my mother had when she was a little girl.  Her family had just moved from Vancouver WA where both of her parents worked in the shipyards as part of the war effort.  When the war ended her family moved back to their hometown of Hot Springs, New Mexico.  It was there that the tea set come into her home.  My mother has vivid memories of playing with it.  Her only sibling and best-friend, Ron, would join the tea parties under duress.  This tea set holds more than just memories of tea.  It speaks of post WWII with a stamp that says 'made in occupied Japan'. Times change, but the goodness that comes through the tradition of 'tea' stays the same. 
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That is it for this issue!  Thank you for letting me share a bit about my folks and also what is happening at Willowbrook with you. Next time I will have pictures of Willowbrook Tea Club's Winter package!  I'm having fun putting it all together and I think you will love it.

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Until next time!

Me and my mom.
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