Oct 7th 2019

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Terry's tales from Willowbrook Manor

Tea is Trending ~

Hello, hello!!
Welcome back to the Willowbrook Word! Lately I have been reading how major media influencers and celebrities are recognizing the importance of starting a “tea ritual” as part a healthy self-care routine. I, personally, have found that taking time out from the world not only helps a person relax, but taking time for yourself with a steaming cup can help you feel more present, mindful, and rejuvenated, leaving you with more energy to take care of others because you took a bit of time to take care of yourself. Starting a tea ritual also has health benefits since many teas like Chamomile, Echinacea, Ginger, Lemon, Lavender, and Raspberry leaf are healing herbs that can nourish your body and prevent sickness. So why not grab a teacup and start a new tradition!? Self-care through creating a tea ritual that helps take the edge off the world and leaves you better, and able to tackle life's challenges.  

Join Willowbrook Tea Club

Willowbrook makes it easy to start your own self-care tea ritual by subscribing to the Willowbrook Tea Club. You can have high quality teas shipped right to your door four times a year. There are two membership options: The Simplci-Tea with a $10/monthly subscription and the Special-Tea with a $20/month subscription. Tea club members also receive a discount on teas, tours, and merchandise. Just click this link for more details and bring a little bit of the Willowbrook serenity into your home. https://teaandtour.com/teaclub/

Having Fun with Harvest Tea ~

We had a wonderful first weekend of Harvest Tea! It was so good to see returning tea guests and meet newcomers. I loved the young lads who came dressed in suit jackets, bowties, and tweed caps (which they removed when they sat for tea as proper gentlemen do!) They came with mom, grandma, and auntie and enjoyed the Harvest Tea experience . We welcomed a lovely group from Country Meadows Retirement Home. I was so glad that Carol, who was sick and missed the Mother's Tea she organized for over 20 women, came this time, bringing a group of wonderful ladies. This Harvest Tea weekend we celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, visit time with husbands and girl-time with old friends. I loved one particular first-time guest who was giddy with delight when I walked her to her table overlooking the reflecting pool. I am looking forward to this coming Friday and Saturday as the grand finale of Harvest Tea.  There are still a few tables available if you would like to come.  
Reserve your table for Harvest Tea

An Intimate Dinner and Concert Experience at Willowbrook ~

I am getting  excited for our first Willowbrook Dinner Concert on October 19th  featuring Sharyn Peterson and Matt Rehfeldt. This is the first of six concerts (one each month until March) featuring different local artists.
Sharyn will be playing violin and viola, and Matt will be playing cello and acoustic guitar. The concert will be an hour long and explore a variety of styles including classical, contemporary, jazz, love songs, and even some movie themes. The evening begins with wine tasting at Eaglehaven winery just down the lane from Willowbrook  followed by a lovely harvest dinner in the atmosphere of the manor. I am famous for my dinner rolls and have been given the title 'The Bun Queen'. (I don't take time to bake bread anymore, so beside the exquisite musical performance, you might want to come for the buns.) Reservations are limited, so book your spot today on the Willowbrook website.

Book your table for October's Dinner Concert

Getting to know your herbs : Chamomile~

It sometimes surprises guests here at Willowbrook that the beautiful daisy like flowers they see in our spacious field are actually chamomile. Chamomile is a beautiful herb that comes from the Asterceae or daisy family. The foliage has a fresh pungent aroma, but it is the flowers that are dried and steeped for tea. Chamomile is used as a flavoring and scent agent in mouthwashes, beverages, soaps, and cosmetics, but it’s mostly known for its amazing healing properties. Chamomile is no mere pretty posy. It packs a powerful punch of healing in those beautiful blossoms. Chamomile is known to treat anxiety, stomach problems, skin irritations, insomnia, and even help with complications from chemotherapy. It’s no wonder that Willowbrook Manor began it's business as a chamomile farm. It’s a place to heal mind, body, and soul. With its rustic beauty and simple elegance, as well as its delicious reputation in the tea world, chamomile is the perfect herb to grace the grounds of our warm, inviting manor house.

Teacup Time ~

A special thank you to Carol for sending in her story of discovering tea and the pictures of her beautiful tea cup collection.  If you have a story, please send it in to share.    
" I have a bit of a Tea Cup collection started when we moved here from Michigan 20 yrs ago when my husband became Pastor at First Baptist.  We, or sometimes just myself, would be invited to people's homes and I'd be offered tea, which at first I declined since I wasn't really a 'hot tea' drinker!   I'm a southern gal,(born in Arkansas, where my parents & sisters & other relatives still live), and Tea to me was always Iced Tea!  (Why in the world would you drink it hot???!!   Well, to be polite I finally started accepting a cup of tea, and began to acquire a taste for certain flavors.  Now I drink it all the time. It is my go to drink for my 'relax comfy  time,'  and also for drinking through the day!   I serve tea to ladies who come for Bible study and other church fellowships! All to say, that began my tea cup collecting.  Actually they have collected me, since they are mostly gifts from ladies who saw that tea was a special thing for me, and I love beauty!  One of the blessings of life God has given us to enjoy!  
~ Carol"

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That is it for this issue!  Thank you for taking time to read about the happenings at Willowbrook. Next time I will begin our monthly article of 'Tea Around the World!'  Watch for it! 
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