The making of Chamomile Tea

June 2017

It was a family effort to convert the long–standing East pasture (used to make hay every summer), into a chamomile field. A new Kubota was purchased to begin the transformation.

Field Prep

Because the sod was very dense, a week’s worth of tilling and discing were required to get the field ready to plant. ‘Tractor Therapy’ was born as friends offered to help run the tiller only to discover the therapeutic properties of ‘Tractor Time.’


Having to space rows 6 inches apart meant planting countless rows of chamomile seeds. Viva farms loaned us their Jang seeder and the family went to work.

Slow start

Chamomile prefers cooler temperatures to sprout, and the summer was very hot. August 18th the first full–fledged plant was discovered.

A rake for harvesting

Johnny’s Selected Seed company sells these handy harvest rakes for gathering the daisy–like blossoms that make chamomile tea.

The flowers make the tea

Once the chamomile flowers are dried, they are packaged into tins and sealed.

Tea Time

Chamomile is naturally soothing.

We hope you will visit Willowbrook Manor English Tea House and Chamomile Farm to enjoy the country tea experience we offer.

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