Bragging ‘Writes’ ~

The Tulips are Blooming ~

Tea and Tulips is well underway, and I am LOVING welcoming guests to my home for tea and to wander the gardens of Willowbrook. We’ve had folks from 21 different states and Canada. We still have some tables available on April 29th if you haven’t got your reservation yet.

For those of you who are new to my newsletter, Hello! I’m Terry, owner and caretaker of Willowbrook Manor English Teahouse and Chamomile Farm.

You are getting this email because you either signed up for this newsletter, made a reservation at Willowbrook Manor, are a friend of mine, or are a follower of my mother, author Liz Adair, who has her own corner here in The Willowbrook Word. We have a delicious giveaway at the end of the newsletter, so make sure to put your name in the drawing!

But first:

Tulip Town & My Three Girls ~

Tulip Town is one of the main attractions of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, and I was honored when they called to see if I would help with the design and decorations this season. My plate was full with my own business, but I have three artistic daughters that I knew could do an amazing job. I suggested them to fill the spot.

The Gifford Girls are Artists ~

Meet my daughters Addy, Aliece and Kjaisa. These are the girls that got the contract to design charming displays for Tulip Town.

Kjaisa is a full-time artist and found her niche as the driving force in bringing all of the designs to life.

Aliece is a full-time student with can-do energy. She found a way to work at Tulip Town between her classes and homework schedule.

Addy is a full-time nurse and lent her creative mind and eye for color to the project, along with long hours in between shifts at the hospital.

Fun and Creative Sisters ~

The girls had whymsical and fun ideas to showcase the farm including this bench that looks like a swing. The picturesque barns in the distance are framed by the ropes.

Brandon, Kjaisa’s beau, was there to help as well.

Their synergy was amazing. Even though it was a huge and sometimes overwhelming undertaking, they succeeded in created charm, flow and many wonderful photo opportunities for all Tulip Town guests to enjoy. Take a look at a time-lapse video of the process HERE.

Got Wings?

I took my hiking buddy and tea helper Joleen to Tulip Town to see the girls’ work. This picture proves that she really is my angel-friend!


This selfie-mirror is a Kjaisa original.

There is a LOT to see and experience at Tulip Town. They host events year-round but Springtime tulips is their main event! Click HERE for more information.

Wonderful Women of Willowbrook ~

In 2018, when I first opened my doors to the public for Tea and Tulips, it was just me and a helper or two doing all the food prep, serving, and clean up. Now, it takes a full crew of 5 to create all of the yummy sweets and savories, and 9 servers / kitchen help to make our tea events run smoothly.

I especially enjoy the positive attitude the workers of Willowbrook display.

This is my ‘thank you’ to ‘Team Willowbrook.’ You are a joy and a blessing to me.

Mothers Day Tea Party Kit ~

Along the lines of yummy tea time, I’ve put together a special package for Mother’s Day giving. This tea party kit is perfect to give as a gift or to use for a simple and lovely tea party for that special mama-figure in your life.

Willowbrook tea and scones make an easy and elegant teatime treat.

Click HERE to order your Mother’s Tea Party Kit.

Now for My Own Mama,

My mom, Liz Adair, is having cataract surgery this week, so her addition to The Willowbrook Word is short and sweet. It is also a reminder to create your own limerick and submit it for the Willowbrook Limerick Book!

Here is Liz ~

Liz Sez ~

All limerists, listen to me!
Dash off a poem, if you’re free.
Or if it’s a labor,
Call in your neighbor
And practice poetic synergy.

Click HERE to send me your limerick and be included in our limerick book! Deadline is May 12, National Limerick Day.

Getting old takes lots of heart
And the odd additional spare part
Cataracts make things brighter,
Which is good for a writer,
And the process is state-of-the-art!

More next time, when I can see better.
Love to all,

Now back to Terry –

Giveways ~

The 2022 Tulip Festival Poster giveaway goes to Genora from WA! Thank you to everyone who entered. I loved the little notes you included. So good to hear from each of you.

The giveaway for this issue is our Mother’s Tea Party Kit featuring the herbal tea sampler with eight of Willowbrook’s best-loved herbal teas. There are three that I will be giving away. Click HERE to enter to win and make sure to drop a little note to say how you are doing.

Wrapping Up ~

We have a lot of events coming up at Willowbrook including:

Mother’s Tea (phone to see if we have any tables left)
Family Promise Spring Fundraiser May 14th 
Blast from the Past Bike Tour June 4th
Saturday Morning Tea and Scones June 11th
Chamomile Planting and Tea June 18th
Tea and Tour bike rides beginning in June

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I loved when the girls invited Jim and me to help at Tulip Town.

Post Script:
Easter is always beautiful with precious little kids: Eva loved finding Easter Eggs on the East Lawn while we enjoyed tea.