Hellos and Goodbyes

Hello to Spring!

Spring Tulips

For those of you who are new readers, I’m Terry, owner and caretaker of Willowbrook Manor English Teahouse and Farm Stay. I have a lot of news for you!

You are getting this email because you either signed up for this newsletter, made a reservation at Willowbrook Manor, are a friend of mine, or are a follower of my mother, author Liz Adair, who has her own corner here in The Willowbrook Word. There is a giveaway at the end of each newsletter so make sure to read to the end.

Hello to the 2023 Tulip Festival!

Terry as a Tulip

The Skagit Tulip Festival Gala was a blast! As the board president, I decided to begin a tradition of ‘The Grand Poobah Tulip Crown’. My plan was for it to be worn by each succeeding board president at future Galas for years to come. But next year’s president let me know she is not interested in the crown. Hmmmm. So it is morphing into a tulip lampshade, so I can ‘pass the torch’.

Hello to Tea and Tulips!

A family enjoying tea at Willowbrook Manor

Can I say how much I love hosting English tea in my home? From watching each guest pick their teacup, to having them enjoy all of the home-baked savories and sweets.

A couple enjoying tea at Willowbrook Manor

It warms my heart to have my home filled with wonderful people making tea memories together.

Hello to Magazines!

Terry holding a magazine

Jim and I flew Allegiant Airlines to visit my folks in March. I was tickled to find my teahouse and farm stay in the inflight magazine alongside all of the Las Vegas Attractions!

Seattle Refined Magazine ~

MaryRose Denton submitted two separate articles on Willowbrook Manor and both were published this month!

Hello to Overnight Stays!

A room at Willowbrook

You can now book overnight stays at Willowbrook Manor directly on my website, which saves you money! For the month of June, each person who comes for a tea getaway (minimum two-night stay) will get a complimentary self-guided E-bike tour. Click here to book your overnight stay. (A great Mothers Day gift!)

Speaking of mothers, this is where I feature my mother, Liz Adair, and a bit of her writing.

Here she is…

Hello to Liz:

Image of Liz in front of a Scrabble board

I met Raven Chiong the year we moved to Kanab, Utah. Just after our arrival, I attended a writers seminar where she had been asked to recite one of her poems. I remember thinking, “Wow. I need to read that again and spend some time thinking about it.”

A month or so later, I was asked to be on the committee for the next writers conference, and Raven served there too. Calm and deferential, she asked respectful, insightful questions and faithfully executed her assignments. The more I got to know her the more I liked and appreciated her.

I found I wasn’t alone in appreciating Raven. She sat on the library board and worked with the Friends of the Library, as well as with several other community organizations. Service seemed to be her middle name, and everyone seemed to know her.

When she fell and hurt herself, so she had to spend several weeks in the hospital, I thought I would go visit her and see if there was anything I could do to help. Her room was full of friends. It was like, take a number. Raven was gracious and grateful for my visit, but it was obvious to me that just about anyone she had ever met in our small town felt the same strong bond with her that I did.

Raven Chiong

Raven left Kanab, moving back to North Carolina nearer family. A few years passed, and I heard from her that she was finally publishing a book of poetry, to be out in a few months.

Unfortunately, she had also just been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, so whether she would see the advent of that long-planned book wasn’t sure.

This week I got a package in the mail—Raven’s book of poetry. Entitled Ode to the Still, Small Voice: A Memoir of Listening, it is as beautiful as she is. Here is the review I posted on Amazon:

Raven’s poetry and prose is an instant connection to calmness and spiritual depth. One realizes it really is that easy: stop; listen to your inner voice. Or, at least, she makes it sound that easy. Raven strings words together in surprising yet accessible ways. It’s easy reading, but the ideas presented will keep you thinking for a long time afterward.

Here’s a link to her book: https://www.amazon.com/Ode-Still-Small-Voice-Listening/dp/B0BZQMFR4Y

Raven was admitted into a special program for advanced treatment of her cancer, and she is still with us. I’m so glad. The world can’t afford to lose her just yet.


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Goodbye to Earl and Grey ~

Photo of Earl

Many of you followed the whimsical antics of Earl and Grey, the geese of Willowbrook. I called them my ‘grief geese’ because they came to me after the death of my former spouse (click here to read), and they made me smile every day.

I am so sad to share the news that a coyote got Earl on a recent Sunday afternoon. I was actually in bed with the flu when I heard the fight. I sprinted outside in my stocking feet screaming to try to save my bird. Mud up to my ankles, my voice hoarse, I realized Earl was gone, and the coyote was almost to the woods with his prize.

I walked back to Grey who was standing at the reflecting pool in shock. After a sitting for some time, I went over and picked her up. She is an animal that always keeps her distance, but at that moment she tipped her beak down and pressed her forehead into my cheek. We mourned together.

Earl and Terry

Fearing that the coyote would return for Grey, I found a local farmer with a gaggle of geese who was willing to have Grey join them. She waddled up next to me during the drive there and rested her head on my shoulder. I cried the whole way.

Photo of Grey meeting her new family

It was comforting to see how welcoming the geese were to her. This is a picture of Grey (wings outstretched) meeting her new family. It felt like a party.

I miss Earl and Grey terribly and plan to make a memorial flower garden in their goose-pen.

Thank you to everyone who sent sympathy, either by social media, text, phone call or mail. I appreciate your support and empathy.

The last video I took of Earl and Grey (the day before we lost Earl) carries the essence of the peaceful joy they gave me every day. Click here to view.


Spider Latham apron

The winners of Liz’s I love Spider Latham aprons are: Nancy from Lamont, IL; Jake from Lynwood, WA and Sonja from Highland.

A Tulip Festival Poster Giveaway!

Tulip poster

This month’s giveaway is a signed and framed 2023 tulip poster that has been on display at Willowbrook through Tea and Tulips. Click here to enter to win, and make sure to write a little note letting me know how you are doing.

That is it for this issue!

Terry in her garden

Saying ‘Hello’ from my garden.
Sending lots and lots of luv your way!
Goodbye until next month!

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